Clone Wars is about to reach ‘Point of No Return’

Saturday morning’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars is the final episode in the story arc of R2-D2 and D-Squad. The droids and their tiny leader, Colonel Gascon, have gotten off of the Void planet but something is seriously wrong with their Republic cruiser. Check out Gascon and the droids discover that the ship’s crew is not what it seems in the clip above. Yup, IT’S A TRAP! Below, in the second video preview, Artoo pulls a little Well of the Souls action (and a power droid’s worst nightmare happens).

And following up on last week’s episode of ‘Missing in Action’, Dee Bradley Baker and Dave Filoni talk about the character of Gregor, the clone who forgot who he was, in an online featurette ‘Gregor’s Metamorphosis’. Filoni goes on to reflect about reaching the 100 episode milestoneTCW-513-droids

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