Meet the new Star Wars podcast: Full of Sith

Full of SithIn the market for another Star Wars podcast? Well, our pal Bryan Young is part of a new one that’s just launched: Full of Sith.

Also part of the crew is Rancho Obi-wan media consultant Consetta Parker and Obviously Oblivious’s Mike Pilat.

The podcast is available through all the usual channels – Brian has more info – and links, if iTunes isn’t your thing – at Big Shiny Robot.

3 Replies to “Meet the new Star Wars podcast: Full of Sith”

  1. After hearing how welcoming and kind these hosts are I can’t wait to get all my SW news and info from Full Of Sith. Unlike some other shows I really feel like they are talking to me and really care instead of just trying to make a name for themselves. Afterall they all have resumes that far exceed the rest. Looking forward to the next show with Steve Sansweet.

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