Meet the new Star Wars podcast: Full of Sith

Full of SithIn the market for another Star Wars podcast? Well, our pal Bryan Young is part of a new one that’s just launched: Full of Sith.

Also part of the crew is Rancho Obi-wan media consultant Consetta Parker and Obviously Oblivious’s Mike Pilat.

The podcast is available through all the usual channels – Brian has more info – and links, if iTunes isn’t your thing – at Big Shiny Robot.

3 Replies to “Meet the new Star Wars podcast: Full of Sith”

  1. Good first episode, no Star Wars news but good to get to hear what the hosts have done in the past and where their Star Wars interests began.

  2. After hearing how welcoming and kind these hosts are I can’t wait to get all my SW news and info from Full Of Sith. Unlike some other shows I really feel like they are talking to me and really care instead of just trying to make a name for themselves. Afterall they all have resumes that far exceed the rest. Looking forward to the next show with Steve Sansweet.

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