Celebration V roundup: Badges and the Main Event

Check out the badges! I like them a lot, though it appears I will be getting at least one Clone Wars character. Oh well, what can you do? Nice stuff from Grant Gould all-round.

  • The George and Jon Main Event has been scheduled for Saturday at 11am. We’re going to need more box coffee for that line!
  • More artists. No, Matt Busch did not put himself in his image this time. (I was shocked, too.) But seriously, some nice stuff. My picks: Malcolm Tween’s Millennium Falcon and Clark Mitchell’s Boba Fett. Yes, I picked a Fett. Hey, it’s very nice.
  • A pair of new cereal box images! These are actually so adorable they kind of make me want to sit through collecting panels. (Note the ‘kind of.’)

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