Video: J.J. Abrams broke his back on The Force Awakens set


The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams was on The Daily Show last night – technically to promote Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, which he produced – but he did tell a story from the Star Wars set. Turns out, Harrison Ford wasn’t the only one injured in the door incident… And Abrams has a pretty good Woody Allen impression to go with his Lawrence Kasdan. Who knew?

Video is below the cut.

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The fandom minute: Jon Stewart analogizes the president, ‘The Phantom Reviewer’ returns for Sith

Politics corner. The Daily Show went epic last night by comparing the president to Luke Skywalker. I laughed, I laughed, then I cried because I was laughing too much. Jon Stewart, you are such a nerd.

Plinkett returns. ‘The Phantom Reviewer’ concludes his skewering of the prequels with Revenge of the Sith. Per usual, it’s not for everyone and still very much NSFW. But what can I say: I LOL’d.

So you’ve experienced a blizzard… Why not enjoy some impromptu Photoshopping?

Wait, what? Scotland has a Jedi police officer. She “admits to using Jedi mind tricks” but denies using “‘The Force’ to influence what suspects say or do.” Okay then.

The blogside. Cambridge University librarian Andy Priestner is not pleased with the state of the Jedi Order’s library.

Nice trolling. Suvudu has a ‘casting call’ for Luke Skywalker. No, seriously.

Celebration V roundup: Badges and the Main Event

Check out the badges! I like them a lot, though it appears I will be getting at least one Clone Wars character. Oh well, what can you do? Nice stuff from Grant Gould all-round.

  • The George and Jon Main Event has been scheduled for Saturday at 11am. We’re going to need more box coffee for that line!
  • More artists. No, Matt Busch did not put himself in his image this time. (I was shocked, too.) But seriously, some nice stuff. My picks: Malcolm Tween’s Millennium Falcon and Clark Mitchell’s Boba Fett. Yes, I picked a Fett. Hey, it’s very nice.
  • A pair of new cereal box images! These are actually so adorable they kind of make me want to sit through collecting panels. (Note the ‘kind of.’)

OMG! Jon Stewart is coming to Celebration V!

And he’s interviewing George Lucas! My snarky news-junkie heart is all aflutter!

In their conversation, dubbed The Main Event, Stewart and Lucas will discuss the history of the Star Wars saga and delve into the arcana of the multi-billion-dollar series. Stewart is a huge Star Wars fan — Lucas appeared on Stewart’s show back in January when the filmmaker was promoting his book, George Lucas’s Blockbusting, and the two had great banter with each other — but fans who may be worried that Stewart won’t ask their hottest burning questions can submit their own at

(You can watch George’s Daily Show appearance here.) I may actually be squeeing. In a silent, dignified manner.

UPDATE: The write-up, which has a few more new events.