Out this week: Williams’ Fatal Alliance

In stores today is the first novel tie-in to The Old Republic MMO, Sean Williams’ Fatal Alliance. Meanwhile, comic fans and younglings can head out Wednesday for The Will of Darth Vader, an Adventures trade written by Invasion’s Tom Taylor.

2 Replies to “Out this week: Williams’ Fatal Alliance

  1. I was lucky in that my local book store had Fatal Alliance on the shelves Saturday. I was actually looking to see if they early shelved the last volume of Scott Pilgrim, but this helped the wait. I’m about 1/4 the way in, due to 12 hour work days since.

  2. I adopted a policy of waiting for the PB editions as more and more books are coming out as hard backs, which is getting rather expensive! Having said that I’m quite interested in this series as I’ve hoped they would delve more into the republic’s past.

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