Entertainment Weekly’s Rise of Skywalker issue and other movie news

Entertainment Weekly has unleashed the cover story, and it’s actually three covers: One for each trilogy. And great news for those who love publicity shots! Honestly, this whole thing makes me yearn for the days of illustrations on magazine covers. But seriously, the main cover story, several new images, and of course, Rey’s parentage and Reylo.

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New Rise of Skywalker stills, interviews

Thanks to the New York Times, we finally have a decent copy of one of the first stills from The Rise of Skywalker that was originally revealed at Celebration Chicago.

There’s also a new image of Finn from USA Today’s holiday movie preview. John Boyega says that he aimed for Finn to “to eventually find his place and to have a team that he’s fighting for” without losing his strong personality along the way. “I wanted to show him in a light that shows growth and more of an understanding of his world and of the people in it.”

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Star Tours is heading for a key Rise of Skywalker location (and now we have a name)

The “news” here is that Star Tours is will be adding a new location from The Rise of Skywalker, but the actual news is that we get a name for where that Death Star wreckage is: “the ocean moon Kef Bir.”

The planet is new, but it’s already on Wookieepedia thanks to a mention in Ultimate Star Wars, which has another connection to someone new. Possible spoilers, if you consider really basic things spoilers.

Rise of Skywalker: Post-trailer roundup

The Rise of Skywalker (Trailer #2)

Lost in the shuffle yesterday, we finally got confirmation – via the ticket sales – that The Rise of Skywalker will be the longest Star Wars film yet, at 2 hours, 35 minutes. That’s only two minutes longer than The Last Jedi, so keep that in mind when ordering refreshments.

The Rise of Skywalker (Trailer #2)

Trailer breakdowns from io9, /Film, Star Wars Explained and EW. I’m sure there are more out there but it’s been a day, so head to the comments if there’s one you like a lot.

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