Entertainment Weekly’s Rise of Skywalker issue and other movie news

Entertainment Weekly has unleashed the cover story, and it’s actually three covers: One for each trilogy. And great news for those who love publicity shots! Honestly, this whole thing makes me yearn for the days of illustrations on magazine covers. But seriously, the main cover story, several new images, and of course, Rey’s parentage and Reylo.

More interviews:

And the photos:

We also got a new commercial with some brand-new footage, but because life is unfair, it seems to only be available in square format. Please put it up on Youtube or something, Lucasfilm, you are killing me, square videos are horrible.

Rolling Stone is also beginning to roll out their cover story, starting with a Kathleen Kennedy interview – but also a new Kylo Ren photo, above. The actual cover has yet to arrive – maybe tomorrow?

Lupita Nyong’o says that Maz Kanata will be back – we did spy her in the last trailer – but whether it’ll be more than her Last Jedi cameo is unclear. “I don’t know what the final thing’s going to look like, but from what I saw, I am in it,” she said at Deadline.

Greg Grunberg on what he geeked out about on The Rise of Skywalker and more in a interview with Frank Buckley.

A new poster:


Basketball nights are coming. Check the schedule to see if your local NBA team is having a Star Wars night in December or January.