Concept art of [spoiler] and more The Mandalorian news

The cat is out of the bag, and so this is the last post where I’m going to play coy at the big spoiler at the end of The Mandalorian’s first episode. I know the show isn’t available worldwide just yet, but keeping the very existence of what is clearly going to be a pivotal character secret is simply not feasible for a news site. Even the official folks have given up the ghost, and per usual I am taking my cues on what is and isn’t a spoiler from them. Consider yourselves warned!

There is Baby Yoda* concept art, it is adorable. And it made Werner Herzog cry. And yes, it IS a puppet!

* No, it isn’t Yoda, we know. But until we get a name – my favorite fan suggestion is Yiddle – the consensus has spoken.

Now Pedro Pascal know you’re all horny for the Mandalorian. To be fair, that tweet is hilarious:

Here’s a good post to send to anyone you know who may be confused about the time period. Or, y’know, just tell them “five years after Return of the Jedi” and “No, it’s a baby Yoda, not the baby Yoda.”

The Mandalorian enters the digital demand charts – who knew there were streaming charts? – at #3, behind only Hulu’s Titans and Netflix’s Stranger Things. It was, however, the “best performing new streaming debut series” for U.S. audiences.