The Rise of Kylo Ren comic is already busting fan theories

The comic solicitations for January are out, and they include The Rise of Kylo Ren #2, in which we learn some very important details about Ben Solo and the Knights of Ren.

Head under the cut, spoilerphobes!

Here’s the info and the cover, via Fantha Tracks.

→ With the new jedi school in ruins and fellow students hot on his trail for the murder of their master, Ben Solo flees to the only friend he has left in the galaxy…a man named Snoke. But Snoke has plans for Ben…and ideas about the Force that are as dangerous as they are intriguing for the troubled young jedi.

→ If Ben wishes to be truly free…the answers might lie with the dark side. And with the Knights of Ren!

→ But it won’t be the first time he’s tangled with the Knights. In the past, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker journeys to the Unknown Regions and brings young Ben along for the mission. Can even Luke Skywalker stand against the fabled Knights of Ren?!

Much of the fandom has been working off a few assumptions regarding the Knights of Ren – mainly that they include at least some of Ben’s classmates, and/or that Ben himself founded them. This seems to not be the case at all – although I wouldn’t necessarily rule out a classmate or two turning just yet, if they really are hot on his heels. And will any of this be addressed in The Rise of Skywalker itself? I guess we’ll have to see!

Oh, and Adam Driver knew, and said so… In 2015:

The Rise of Kylo Ren #1 is expected December 18, with #2 coming January 15.