Poe flies the Falcon in new still and other Rise of Skywalker news

A brand-new photo from The Rise of Skywalker shows Poe flying the Millennium Falcon and an Oscar Isaac interview. Between this and Daisy Ridley’s “four words” is the new-monthly Entertainment Weekly gearing up for another cover story?

On that note, I continue to be not at all charmed by outlets that are nickle and diming their Star Wars stories. The biggest offender right now is Total Film, who’s been dribbling out quotes from their latest cover story via GamesRadar. There’s J.J. Abrams on feeling freer to mix it up, talking midi-clorians with George Lucas and dealing with the Carrie/Leia situation, Daisy Ridley on dark Rey, Oscar Isaac on the Jedi/Sith “chess match,” and Adam Driver on the difference between Star Wars and his other work.

Original Episode IX director Colin Trevorrow and writing partner Derek Connolly will get credited in The Rise of Skywalker – with a “Story by” also shared by J.J. Abrams and his co-writer for the film, Chris Terrio, Collider reports. We’ll have to wait and see what that means for the final product.

Ridley is also on the cover of Marie Claire, and this time you get the whole article.

We’ve got a bunch of cast talk show appearances coming up. Driver, primarily promoting Marriage Story, will be on Stephen Colbert tonight (11/18) and Seth Meyers on Wednesday (11/20). Next week, Ridley stops by Jimmy Fallon on Monday (11/25) and Live with Kelly and Ryan Tuesday (11/26) morning followed by John Boyega the very next day (11/27).

And finally, a super cute commercial: