Behind The Last Jedi: Story, effects, costumes, and more

And now that we’ve all had a chance to take the movie in, the behind-the-scenes stuff has started flowing in… There are several Rian Johnson interviews out and about, with the best perhaps being at the Los Angeles Times. There he talks about introducing new Force powers, Rey and Kylo, and the whole purpose of the shirtless scene. Also: Business Insider, a Variety podcast and The Director’s Cut podcast.

→ io9 drills into some revelations from The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and how the film evolved. As usual, these books are must-reads, but this is a good tease. Meanwhile, has a look on how the fish nuns came to be with concept designer Jake Lunt Davies.

Costume designer Michael Kaplan on Leia, Holdo, Canto Bight, Snoke’s robe (which is real!) and more.

Production designer Rick Heinrichs on how the scene in the throne room was filmed.

Editor Bob Ducsay talks about “the Holdo sequence” with Collider.

→ And finally, everyone wants to talk about green milk. (AKA “the weirdest and best scene” in the movie.) Neal Scanlan has the technical details. And, because this all just isn’t weird enough, actual science. Just a coincidence, I’m sure. I mean, this is Star Wars, right?