Another blurb from Amazon UK: 501st

Ewan at spotted yet another blurb at This one is for Karen Traviss’ Imperial Commando: 501st. And in related news, Random House is now giving the book a release date of October 27, moving back from September 29.

Once again, remember these Amazon blurbs are unconfirmed information! And it looks like this one contains spoilers for Order 66, so it’s black-barred under the cut.

The Clone Wars are over, but the clone deserters’ personal battle against the Empire has only just begun. With death warrants on their heads, and a hated Imperial garrison on Mandalore, Kal Skirata’s clan of clone veterans, Mando mercenaries, misfit refugees, and a renegade Jedi find all their worst nightmares have followed them home. The search for a cure for the clones’ premature aging grows more desperate, and Etain’s son must be protected at all costs. Darman and Niner are still stranded in the Imperial legion, and fight to survive in a very different army. But as Mandalore prepares to resist Palpatine’s new order, Skirata is forced to give safe haven to those he hates most, and some he thought were dead. Clan Skirata thinks things can’t possibly get any worse – until their ragtag private army faces the reality of fighting the Empire. Their most lethal enemies are now their own brothers.

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  1. I love these books. I know im in the minority, but this series is charactor driven and from the material we have been getting lately, I find it refreshing.

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