McIntyre on writing Star Trek tie-ins

Author Vonda McIntyre writes about her experience with Star Trek novels at Book View Cafe. It draws some interesting responses at Metafilter, including a lengthy one from John Scalzi.

McIntyre is not well-loved among Star Wars EU fans – her one book in this franchise, 1994’s The Crystal Star, is a regular on worst-of lists. (And let’s face it, we all overuse the Waru jokes.) But her post is certainly worth reading, and an interesting look at the early days of tie-in fiction.

5 Replies to “McIntyre on writing Star Trek tie-ins”

  1. I totally agree that Crystal Star was abysmal. But I actually have rather enjoyed Ms. McIntyre’s original work.

    This whole discussion about writing tie-ins being a step down is silly. As Ms. McIntyre can demonstrate with Crystal Star, they’re not as easy as they look.

  2. The problem with the Crystal Star is that it tried to actually do something science fictiony (ie Waru, the transdimensional being, a crystalizing star).. and unfortunately, Star Wars wasn’t really science fictiony – just space opera-y.

    Also, the Church of Waru would be without its savior without that book, so praise should be given to McIntyre for bringing us our golden glob of joy and peace.

  3. I’d rather re-read Crystal Star than the Hand of Thrawn duology.

    There. I said it.

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