Rumorsville: Christensen and Bilson engaged?

I love an ironic image choice. Don't you?People is reporting that Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen got engaged last weekend. The two have been an item since they worked together in Jumper, right: Bilson is probably best known for playing Summer on The O.C. (I’m confident you’re already familiar with Christensen.) Both Hayden lusters and Seth/Summer shippers can cling to one key fact: Their people are neither confirming nor denying.

2 Replies to “Rumorsville: Christensen and Bilson engaged?”

  1. Aww. Good for them! It’s always nice to see people find each other.

    (Hey. I “focus” on Ewan McGregor and he’s happily married. Nothing can stop the oogling.)

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