Alan Horn: Episode VII script expected in January

At a Variety event this morning, Disney’s Alan Horn said that they expect to get the Episode VII script in January and that the film will likely cost $200M. (Revenge of the Sith‘s production budget was $113M, per Box Office Mojo, but that was almost a decade ago.)

He also reiterated that we’ll be seeing Star Wars movies yearly, which has been the plan for a while now, but has been rumored to be in doubt.

As for Indy:

Graser is a reporter at Variety.

7 Replies to “Alan Horn: Episode VII script expected in January”

  1. I feel like a huge budget might be bad for this film. The more money you have, the more you can turn your “film” into complex, animated swooshy shots, like in the new Hobbit fiascoes.

  2. Isn’t 200 million a fairly normal budget for a major film these days? I mean, it’s perverse and everything, but I don’t think it’s out of the ordinary anymore.

    1. For a big franchise film, yeah, $200M is pretty standard these days. And SW is a lot less of a risk than most. For instance, Disney spent $250 million on John Carter and $215 million on The Lone Ranger.

      As for movies that were actually successful this year: Iron Man 3 was $200 million, Man of Steel was $225 million… Star Trek Into Darkness was $190M, Catching Fire $130M… (Up from about $80M on The Hunger Games, and it showed!) You have to go all the way to #13 (The Heat, $43M) to find a live-action film made for under $100M. But for an effects fest, yeah, $150-200M is about what you’d expect.

  3. This is reason 17b I can’t figure out why anyone would expect an EU-connected movie. Just from a practical side, the way they make these movies nobody but a tiny few (JJ, Kennedy, Kasdan, Iger?) actually know what’s in the script, and it’s quite likely none of them have ever read a book or comic. So by the time anyone who knows anything about the EU knows what’s in the movie, the train has long since left the station.

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