New Essential Characters canceled?

UPDATE: Lucasbooks has confirmed the cancellation to Knights’ Archive.

Edelweiss listing

Knights’ Archive spotted that the new Essential Characters is now listed as canceled by Edelweiss. We last heard that the book was posponed to 2016; it’s possible this is actually just another posponement, pending decisons regarding Episode VII and other new film content. (Perhaps the 2035 date is just intended to keep it out of other systems.) I doubt we’ve seen the last of Star Wars character guides!

Edelweiss is a site that publishes electronic versions of publisher book catalogs: We have no reason to believe these changes don’t come from Random House.

7 Replies to “New Essential Characters canceled?”

  1. Kinda creepy seeing the 2035 on there, for some reason.

    But yeah. I suspect it will be redone. They just need to figure out the timing. I bet there’ll be another one after the next trilogy.

  2. @Stephen: Nice. :-)

    @Topic: I never even got the last one, since at some point I just stopped giving a fig about all the little EU character details, but the artwork was always highly appreciated.
    I wonder if they cancelled it because they haven’t figured out a good way of retconning the characters or because there no longer is anything left to put into a book…

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