You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs: Remembering Luke Skywalker’s first Jedi students

This Jedi Academy art is at least way better than the book covers. Sort of.

Remember a simpler time in Star Wars, where there were no sequels, no TV shows, when Star Wars was still kind of rare. Before the Special Editions, before the prequels, before Disney. Remember the… Jedi Academy trilogy? It’s okay, we understand if you don’t want to. Look at all the fanfic it made us write.

It was an odd time. Just kidding, it was kind of a shit show, one of many. But hey, if not for that awfulness, would we have soldiered on? The mocking let us bond, and for that, we are grateful. Mockingly.

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  1. Kevin J. Anderson should never have been allowed to play in the sandbox. Good thing Stackpole was able to retcon that crap with “I, Jedi.”

  2. I primarily remember the good stuff: Kyp Durron, always liked that kid. Hidden Star Destroyers and a nice little Death Star in the midst of a bunch of black holes (how cool is that?). The Sun Crusher (I always liked that thing, although given what the Wesley Crushers were all about, it now seems a bit weird). Daala killing all those whiny warlords like a boss (wait, did that happen in Jedi Academy or in Darksaber?). The Jedi students tossing a fleet of Star Destroyers to… somewhere (again: Jedi Academy or Darksaber?). And eventually: Retconning it all with Corran “I’m too cool for even Hoth” Horn.
    Good old times. :-)

  3. @Dunc: Well, I liked the visual idea of the Falcon entering the Maw and finding the Star Destroyers. That would be pretty cool for a movie.
    And compared to some of Luke’s lamer apprentices, Kyp Durron was okay. He had some Gary Stue moments, I suppose, but compared to Corran Horn he was pure gold.
    Also, Daala going all Bond villain on her fellow imperials is another thing I could well imagine to become a sequel trilogy thing: Without an Emperor, everything goes to bits, and then somebody kills all the pretenders. Or something along those lines.
    So, yeah: Jedi Academy may not have been perfect, but I felt a lot more bored by some parts of the Thrawn trilogy (especially Dark Force Rising. Or the whole “walking through forests” bit in Heir and Last Command). At least Mr. Anderson blew up Carida to lighten the mood. :-)

    1. I’m not a huge Corran fan either, but his existence has no effect on Kyp sucking. Hell, he wasn’t even mentioned in the JAT, Stackpole just later slotted him into one of Anderson’s [intentionally left blank] slots.

      A few moments ‘that would look cool’ don’t justify the mis-characterization and unoriginality that runs rampant through KJA’s SW books. Poor Dune is welcome to him.

      (I’m pretty sure that Daala thing was indeed Darksaber. Or maybe even later?)

  4. Mara Jade does not have “dark auburn” hair, nor does she wear shiny silver catsuits.

    That’s all I have to say about the JAT. ;)

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