Want to know how Traviss would have wrapped up Imperial/Republic Commando? Here you go.

So. It’s over. There will be no more Imperial Commando or Republic Commando books. (Or short stories.) The author has left the building, and no one else seems particularly interested in filling her shoes. (We get more Allston instead.) They join a long line of canceled projects.

But if you’re really, truly interested in how the series would finish (or continue,) Traviss wrote a bit about it a year or so back.

Yes, it’s an older item. I know I’ve seen it around, but I don’t seem to have actually blogged it, and we get an ungodly amount of Googlers looking for info about the series. I can’t help you any more than that, kids. (And, quite frankly, I’ve run out of ways to say no.) Sorry.

Newsflash: Traviss still not coming back to Star Wars

Folks just aren’t ready to let the Karen Traviss/Imperial Commando/Clone Wars brouhaha go, and io9 remains committed to stirring the hornet’s nest, getting hold of the woman herself. This go-round Traviss puts more weight on “contractual differences,” saying that canon and The Clone Wars was secondary to “pay and working practices.”

However, she does confirm their theory that the cancellation of the Fett book was due to the live action series. I remain skeptical (we are missing so many pieces) but it’ll all come out in due time.

EUbits: Art, comics, blogs and a very dead parrot

Pictures! We’re not exactly big gamers ’round these parts, but the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game is noteworthy for providing us with new Expanded Universe art, and The Nightsister’s Revenge expansion is no exception.

Comics: StarWars.com has Dark Horse’s spring 2010 solicitations. Don’t get too excited, though: There are only two things on there. But they are both Legacy. Could the rest of spring be under wraps? In the more immediate future, previews for Legacy #43 and Knights of the Old Republic #48.

The blogside. Drew Karpyshyn explains (Spoilers!) the end of Dynasty of Evil, while Dan Wallace talks about some of his work on George Lucas’ Blockbusting.

Pining for the fjords. A summary for Karen Traviss’ second Imperial Commando novel -Remember? The one that’s pretty much cancelled? – has appeared on Amazon.co.uk. You live the dream, Amazon. (via)