Out this week: Imperial Commando, Legacy

Look for Karen Traviss’ Imperial Commando: 501st in bookstores today, while Wednesday brings Legacy #41.

3 Replies to “Out this week: Imperial Commando, Legacy

  1. Forgot about Imperial Commando, thanks for the reminder! I know that she wasn’t always the most popular author on the franchise, but I’m glad to get another book out of Karen.

  2. Well, in reading 501st, I think we know why Traviss left the Lucas Arts stable of authors — apparently she couldn’t generate enough interest in her Mando Harlequin Romance series – or get permission for the “awesome” Mando romances she wanted to develop.

  3. I didn’t realize Imperial Commando was already out, just figured out today that the date I was seeing was for the paperback, I need to go to the store! I’m so excited!

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