Pilgrims in an unholy land: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Oct. 21-27

In addition to the big dude himself weighing in, last week brought us Glee’s Chris Colfer with a new sexy spin on a key character, important questions about C-3PO, the internet’s thoughts on Lawrence Kasdan, conspiracy theories and crazy rumors for The Empire Strikes Back. No, reallytweet102313

Also, ditched Storify in light of what a pain-in-the-butt it’s been lately. Not saying we’ll never use it again, but maybe only for breaking news. As usual, the remaining tweets are under the cut. (Let’s just hope that Twitter doesn’t start pooping out next…)

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New Star Wars Halloween costumes go from tame to lame

'Sexy' but screen-based costumes

So this year’s authorized Star Wars Halloween costumes are out… And they are cheap but unremarkable, per usual. No, they won’t get you into the costume clubs, but no one will have trouble recognizing who you’re supposed to be, either. (Assuming they’re up on their Star Wars, at least)

And then there’s the faceplam-worthy ones. No, I’m not talking about the costumes above, which have been around for a while – though the headress for Darth Talon is pretty weird. However, it’s worth noting that that’s ‘sexy’ Ahsoka to go with the Padme and Leia, at least it’s not a sexy Ahsoka – the issue is almost entirely with the name and the fact that Ahsoka is, unlike Padme, Leia and Talon, a teenager.

But come on – you want the weird stuff, right? Right. Believe it or not, I’m going to ease you in, because the crazy is really crazy this year.

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Ashley Eckstein reveals Her Universe releases for Halloween, Cyber Monday on Tosche Station Radio

The Clone Wars actress and Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein was a guest on Tosche Station Radio last night, where she answered fan questions and revealed a few upcoming products, including a new Halloween bag from Katie Cook (pictured, last year’s,) more Star Wars pajamas, a Spock costume top, and extended sizes for the Ahsoka Tano costume top. They’ll also be coming out with a Tardis dress exclusively for Hot Topic.