Halloween approaches! Are you prepared?

It’s the time of year when one’s fancy turns to carving squash and dressing up… And candy. I can’t help you with candy (uhh… go to the store?) but I can point you in the right direction for the rest.

But pumpkins are only part of the Halloween fun… I’m sure you know this already if you plan to enter, but it’s Rebelscum costume contest time! They’re always a hoot – just make sure to read the rules! (Please, someone dress up as Luke’s hand.)

Check out our Halloween tag for the hits of previous years.

Today’s awful thing: The ‘sexy’ Chewbacca costume

George Lucas gonna sue somebody!

It’s a known fact that Halloween brings a brigade of cheap, ill thought out, hilariously ‘sexy’ character costumes for ladies. (News? Learn from Cleolinda, my friend.) Previously, we hoped that maybe it couldn’t get much worse than Sexy Optimus Prime.

We were wrong. Behold: The Sexy Chewbacca. Yandy.com calls it the ‘Sci-Fi Furry Costume,’ like that’s any better. I don’t think it’s quite enough to not get their nearly-bare butts sued… (It saddens me that I know this – thanks, Internet! – but that girl is showing far too much skin to be an actual furry.)

Also in the offering is a ‘Sci-Fi Commander’ and ‘White Soldier,’ but been there, done that.

On the other hand… At least it’s not yet another slave Leia? (via)

Poll: The inevitable Halloween question and link-up

Halloween by Ralph Hockens (rhockens @ Flickr) CC BY-SA 2.0

We’ve been hearing that Star Wars costumes were a hot ticket this year. (Even at the White House.) Above, an amazing AT-ST spotted by Ralph Hockens in New York City. (Another shot here.) There are plenty of shots on Flickrfar too many to link – and StarWars.com has a roundup of their coverage, including action figure costumes.

My internet favorite has to be Darth Vader and the Death Star, though.

But our question is: How many did you see? Answer below or on the sidebar.

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Spot any more pics on Flickr or the internet? Link ’em in the comments! And don’t forget you can enter the Rebelscum Costume Contest through tomorrow.

Some last-minute Star Wars Halloween costume ideas

SpoooookyStarWars.com’s Bonnie Burton has a guest-post up over at io9 with a variety of tips and tricks for DIY Star Wars costumes from all around the internet.

I’ve always been fond of the quick and easy Jedi robe. Sure, it won’t get you into the Rebel Legion or anything, but it’s easy and instantly recognizable, and what more does one really need out of a Halloween getup? (And if you pair it with some of those old-school printable masks, like Yoda up there, actually kinda creepy.)