Poll: The inevitable Halloween question and link-up

Halloween by Ralph Hockens (rhockens @ Flickr) CC BY-SA 2.0

We’ve been hearing that Star Wars costumes were a hot ticket this year. (Even at the White House.) Above, an amazing AT-ST spotted by Ralph Hockens in New York City. (Another shot here.) There are plenty of shots on Flickrfar too many to link – and StarWars.com has a roundup of their coverage, including action figure costumes.

My internet favorite has to be Darth Vader and the Death Star, though.

But our question is: How many did you see? Answer below or on the sidebar.

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Spot any more pics on Flickr or the internet? Link ’em in the comments! And don’t forget you can enter the Rebelscum Costume Contest through tomorrow.

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