Gate Geek: Comings and goings

After 14 years, the much-beloved producer/writer/director Robert Cooper will be leaving the Stargate production house.  Cooper is responsible for the much-beloved episodes “200,” “Vegas” and “Unending;” to name just a few.

In other goings, the Official Stargate Magazine will be closing down in September.  (Its publisher, Titan, is the same company that puts out Star Wars Insider.)  Given the changes in the publishing world where fan magazines can’t pass on news anymore, this is kinda not surprising.

In happier news, fans of Richard Dean Anderson will be pleased to learn that he’s coming out of “retirement” (has he ever really stopped working?) for a recurring role on USA’s “Facing Kate.”

2 Replies to “Gate Geek: Comings and goings”

  1. It’s such a shame, I’m an old school guy who likes to own the CD packaging/magazine whatever it may be. I’m surer eventually Trek, Wars et al will go online.
    Fingers crossed I’ll have some content in the next Insider, but it won’t be the same showing my dad a webpage when he see’s our site all the time. Taking him into a bookstore and grabbing the magazine off the shelf – that’s exciting!

  2. I see Star Wars moving that direction since they’re offering the Insider off of that magazine service, now.

    And I’m with you. I like my paper. (As evidenced by my collection of Star Wars books and ephemera.)

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