To your stations: The Last Jedi trailer coming during Monday Night Football

It’s official: Lucasfilm has announced that the next trailer for The Last Jedi is coming tomorrow during halftime of the Monday Night Football game on ESPN. The game begins at 8:15 p.m. EDT (5:15 p.m. PDT) which means halftime will likely be around 10. Tickets will go on sale afterwards.

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The Last Jedi trailer, tickets on Monday?

The evidence certainly seems to be mounting that we’re getting The Last Jedi trailer and tickets on Monday. Most of it is various fan ventures hand-waving about their “sources,” (theater employees?) and of course there’s a Reddit component (theater employee!) now, but things are looking pretty likely. (And going back, there’s all The Force Awakens parallels and that deleted Mark Hamill tweet.)

If this all bears out, we can expect an official announcement and the poster on Sunday. Non-football watchers, brace yourselves now for watching football and/or endlessly refreshing the Star Wars Youtube channel now.

Fingers crossed, because do any of us really want another week of this?

Snoke strikes a pose, and other The Last Jedi shenanigans

There’s a Snoke action figure, and hilarity has ensued. I’m sorry, but not really. (Thanks, Heath!)

→ has added/updated some databank entries for The Last Jedi. They’re pretty vague!

A nice lengthy Mark Hamill interview is short on The Last Jedi details, but still pretty fun. At much less length, Domhnall Gleeson.

→ Behind the scenes footage of The Last Jedi will be among the Disney movies featured in one of those before-the-showing reels.

The Last Jedi: New pictures, costumes, nonexistent toy ‘spoilers’

Lucasfilm has released a new batch of images from The Last Jedi. None of them are new, exactly – they’ve all debuted in various publications – but it’s nice to get these out and about sans watermarks and crops. Check them all out at our Facebook.

→ Did Topps show us Luke Skywalker’s final costume? It’s not really much of a departure from what we’ve already seen him in, but since when has that ever stopped anything?

Don’t get too excited about things floasting around that ID a mini-Lego hologram that comes with Snoke as a character who’s not at all confirmed to be in this trilogy. Remember Finn Calrissian? And speaking of Topps and Snoke, they also give us our first official look at him.

→ More Snoke: Andy Serkis on who he didn’t have scenes with in The Last Jedi.

→ Shockingly, Domhnall Gleeson won’t commit to being around for IX. Okay, not that shockingly.

Lucasfilm’s Last Jedi promotional partners includes… Louboutin?

Lucasfilm has annouced some of their promotional partners for The Last Jedi, and they include some unsurprising names – Nissan, Verizon, General Mills. The real surprise? Christian Louboutin, which is best-known for their distinctive red-soled high heels. But they do have have a beauty line now that they’re playing up in the press release.

But speaking of beauty, Cargo Cosmetics will be debuting a Star Wars line for the holidays. It’ll debut in Kohl’s stores next month.

We can probably expect to hear about more partners and products in the coming weeks.