Classic X-wing and TIE Fighter games are re-released

X-Wing-TieFighter-KOTORAs previewed on Kotaku yesterday and officially announced on the Star Wars Facebook page, now has three classic Star Wars PC games, ready for the current generation of computers. X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and Knights of the Old Republic are just $10 each.

With LucasArts’ X-Wing now 21 years old, it’s exciting to see this franchise come back around as these space simulator games were top notch back then, and probably still hold up well today. Most of my freshman year of college was enjoyed with this game, and sophomore year eaten up with TIE Fighter. Could this mean that the later space sims in the series, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and X-Wing Alliance, be up for release as well?

As for Knights of the Old Republic, calling this a classic makes me feel old – but it has been 11 years since the game first came out, and it remains one of the best stories set in the galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars announces online Attack Squadrons game

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons

There have been rumblings about some sort of Star Wars news this week, but so far, all we have is a new game. Disney Interactive and LucasArts today announced Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, an online game that is apparently just what it says on the tin.

Players can “customize and tune popular Star Wars ships” and play “with up to 16 players at a time.” Fans can sign up to be part of the closed beta, which will begin early next year.

Rumors: Millennium Falcon ready to land at Pinewood?

Rumor. The Millennium Falcon is always a safe bet, so naturally there have been some scattered reports that it’s in construction for Episode VII. And Wednesday Scum and Villainy reported that a full-scale set has been built off-site and is ready to move into Pinewood. Making Star Wars is rightly skeptical, but with countless Star Wars films in the future – not to mention possible theme park attractions – it may just be a wise investment.

Gaming. Also a rumor: Kotaku thinks there’s “an open-world Star Wars title,” in the works at EA Canada.

Box office. The Warcraft movie has moved out of the range of Episode VII to March 2016. Is Warcraft even still a thing?

Roundup: Michigan student cast in Episode VII? Nope!

Open calls. UPDATE: “On Nov. 21, The Collegian reported false information in an article about a student cast in “Star Wars: Episode VII.” As far as The Collegian’s editors and reporters know, the part has not yet been cast. We apologize for this error. ”


Meanwhile, the London call this weekend has a new venue – Twickenham Stadium, while Dublin will be holding theirs at the Croke Park Stadium. The U.S. call Friday is in Austin.

Gaming. Electronic Arts has a ten-year Lucasfilm deal, and they won’t be producing direct tie-ins the new films, Variety reports.

Mystery. A Star Wars character will appear in the LEGO movie.