Star Wars Angry Birds to take on the prequels?

Star Wars Angry Birds: The Prequels?

Looks like Star Wars Angry Birds is getting a prequel

4 Replies to “Star Wars Angry Birds to take on the prequels?”

  1. If you want to wow me, give me an iPad version of that Episode I Mario Cart thing (“Bombad” something or other). I’m so over Angry Birds… #grumpyoldman ;-)

  2. Everywhere I go looking for Star Wars figures, I see this Angry Birds merchandise, fully stacked on the shelves, gathering dust. I cannot stand this crossover business – It actually repulses me.

  3. The game itself is fun and fine. I agree that the merchandise is a bit much. It will probably work out in a strange way because after two years of seeing Angry Birds Star Wars merch, the Black Series and eventual Episode VII merchandise is going to look really enticing.

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