Order 67, up! Lucasfilm registers domain names

WolfpackStart your theories, people who care that Lucasfilm registered a bunch of domain names! Fusible was first to notice.

The domains include starwarsrebels.com, starwarsalliance.com, order67.net, wookieehunters.com, starwarswolfpack.com, and wolfpackadventures.net. (Wolfpack, if anyone is wondering, is a clone trooper squad that gained a good bit of traction among Clone Wars fans.)

An extraordinary amount of comment seems to focus on gunganfrontier2.com, gunganfrontier3.com and gunganfrontier4.com, which could mean sequels to a 1999 learning game or just someone at LFL being a hilarious troll.

In any case, the tendency with these domain things is to assume they’re video games, so consider the speculation floor open.

3 Replies to “Order 67, up! Lucasfilm registers domain names”

  1. Given Dave Filoni’s connection to the Wolfpack, I’m wondering if some of these might be connected to the new animated series. What if the Wolfpack continued into the intertrilogy period….

  2. I initially guessed that it might be new animated series related too, but these all sound too kidish.

    I’ll place my bets on rides for a SW theme park. Two unconfirmed things make a right, right?

  3. Since we got more Tie Fighters today at StarWars.com and those clues, these make me wonder:


    They sound like video games. But look at what The Clone Wars set up for the rebels, it is at least worth considering.

    Order 67 sounds like it could be a joke too. But at the same time, what if it was the order to destroy and squash rebellions or something?

    Either way, I dig Lucasfilm throwing in the jokes here and there.

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