EA: A new Star Wars Battlefront is coming

Electronic Arts has announced the first fruit of their Star Wars deal: The third Star Wars: Battlefront, which has apparently been highly anticipated by those who desire such things.

The game is being developed by DICE and will use the Frostbite 3 engine. Platform details and release date are TBA.

(Video embed timing out on you? Here’s the direct link.)

5 Replies to “EA: A new Star Wars Battlefront is coming”

  1. This is probably the driest way this particular news item could have been broken, Dunc. Love it! :-D

    And to stay somewhat on topic: Looking forward to it. Battlefront on the PS2 was some of the dumbest and most enjoyable gaming I’ve done, and ever since I upgraded to the PS3 I was hoping that some kind of a multiplayer shooter might come out. So: Yay, Battlefront III. ;-)

  2. I’m excited about this. The Battlefield games are excellent, and Frostbite is a great engine. A Battlefront game done well has the chance to be amazing.

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