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Attack Pattern Clinique: Best #StarWars tweets for April 14-20

@museum_scifi: Fun fact: If you heckle Timothy Zahn during a convention, he sends Mara Jade after you. @AwesomeCon #moSCIfi pic.twitter.com/oj84xEPMAR

There were two three cons this weekend; WonderCon in Anaheim, AwesomeCon in D.C. and Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience in, you know. Salt Lake. You may remember we got some Rebels news at WonderCon. As for the rest? What minor Star Wars character’s name sounds like a sex position? Head below the cut to find out. (Or not.)

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This is madness: Best #StarWars, #SWEU and #Episode VII tweets for Dec. 30 – Jan. 12

No, I haven’t forgotten about the Twitter roundups, I was just busy freezing, falling and not being able to sit in a desk chair for several days. It was fantastic! In any case, the roundup is back, and it’s been busy. This installment covers the latest rumors, Marvel/Dark Horse and, of course, the ever-present freaking out whenever anyone mentions the Lucasfilm Story Group. Brace yourselves.

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Indiana Jones and the Sorted Distribution Rights: Best #StarWars tweets for Nov. 25 – Dec. 8

Due to the insidious influence of Santa Maul, among other things, the tweet roundup has had to go bi-weekly for the holiday season. Despite all that it was a productive couple of weeks, with the movies airing on Spike, Disney and Paramount sorting out the rights to Indiana Jones and the usual array of news, rumors and snarkage. Onward!

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Zen and the art of astromech maintenance: Best #StarWars tweets for Nov. 18-24

Last week, Artoo was confirmed for Episode VII, some people were jerks, but seriously, screw them. If you’re not down with Artoo, we have no use for you. Onward!

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It’s R2-D2′s world… Best #StarWars tweets for Nov. 11-17

We’re not going to pretend that Artoo didn’t win the week on Twitter, but… been there, done that. Here are our runners-up… And a cunning imposter. Sort of.

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