Too bold: Best #StarWars, #TheForceAwakens and #RogueOne tweets for April 7-21

@XplodingUnicorn: Me: Who's your favorite in the new Star Wars movie?  5-year-old: Kylo Ren  I'm suddenly very concerned with where our relationship is headed

We last checked in with Twitter’s greatest hits for the Rogue One teaser trailer. Since then, we’ve hung out with (actual) royalty, has a brief parentage panic, and (some) even read Bloodline. All that, and a couple of Star Wars directors, under the cut.

More about these two.


The Force Awakens

The great Rey parentage panic of April 15, 2016!


Episode VIII

More on the royal stuff thataway.

Rogue One

…And beyond

Books and stuff

Star Wars life