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Poster artist Drew Struzan retiring?

Star Wars Special Edition posters by Drew Struzan

TheRaider.net reports that the legendary artist is retiring from illustration to spend time with his family and work on his own paintings. Struzan is reponsible for several iconic Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie posters, and even a few book covers (and stamps!) not to mention Blade Runner, Harry Potter, Hellboy, Back to the Future and hundreds of other films. Check out more of his work at DrewStruzan.com.

Can you judge a man by his movie posters?

IMAGE: Clearly, this one indicates a collector without an ounce of shame.The Movie Blog thinks so. Here’s what they say about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings posters:

What I noticed about men who have these posters on their walls is that they’re EXTREMELY passionate people. If you are dating these people and do not like either one of these franchises, be prepared for hours of debating on the reasons why you didn’t like the movies. Other notable mentions: Star Trek, The Matrix

That’s your stereotypical scary fanboy, I suppose… But is everyone who likes Star Wars like that? Not really. (At least once they’re old enough to afford decent frames.) And what about the variations when it comes to the different posters. Are folks who like the circus poster different from those who prefer the classic? Original or SE release? OT or PT? Teaser or collage? Quick, notify Quizilla, there’s sure to be a meme in this!

And what about us? (Women with LOTR posters: Serious Tolkien fans or poncy elf fanciers? Women with Titanic posters: Hopelessly mushy romantics or future engineers?) Supposedly the comments over there were to address this, but instead it just ends up a bunch of folks sharing their posters. Ladies, your thoughts?