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Struzan talks about his poster art with Time

Star Wars Special Edition posters by Drew Struzan

Drew Struzan’s greatest hits, with commentary from the artist himself (including the Special Editions, above) in Time:

While they fit together perfectly in a triptych, they were never painted side by side. I basically had a week to finish each. I put a black border around each one and had everything breaking out of the frame to make it look grander than it actually was. George liked it so much that he wanted the rest of the Star Wars posters to match that. So, on Episode I, and II, and III, I repeated that concept. George has a wonderful screening room at Skywalker Ranch, and there’s this big wall with all six paintings lined up in order. It’s one big movie.


Poster artist Drew Struzan retiring?

Star Wars Special Edition posters by Drew Struzan

TheRaider.net reports that the legendary artist is retiring from illustration to spend time with his family and work on his own paintings. Struzan is reponsible for several iconic Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie posters, and even a few book covers (and stamps!) not to mention Blade Runner, Harry Potter, Hellboy, Back to the Future and hundreds of other films. Check out more of his work at DrewStruzan.com.