Everyone’s off to the light show in the new Rogue One posters

Lucasfilm dropped 8 new Rogue One posters on Twitter this afternoon, featuring the primary cast: Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Chirrut Îmwe, Baze Malbus, Bodhi Rook, K-2SO, Saw Gerrera and Director Orson Krennic. Those Death Star plans sure get around…

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  1. I keep responding….. where is MADS??? Does he die too quickly in the film to use him in promotions? Dude has a huge following and Disney isn’t even trying to tap into that popularity.

    1. Well… He is all over the new trailer, finally. Doesn’t explain him not getting a poster in this round, but I expect they’re keeping him under wraps because everything we’ve seen him in is in pure flashback territory and they’re saving his ‘current day” stuff. The commercials were where a lot of stuff started slipping out for TFA, but they still didn’t show Rey with the lightsaber. (It was a LEGO game commercial – and Harrison Ford when they made him do Twitter – that let that slip, at least for folks who were paying attention.)

      Also looking back at TFA – Poe wasn’t a part of the first posters either, and Oscar Isaac was probably the biggest name among the younger cast. Mads might get his own ‘standalone’ poster later, too.

      I have no doubt that they know he has a following, and that could be another reason they’re holding back – for now. We’re still two months out, after all.

  2. Disney are carrying on with the ‘all-seeing-eye’/’one eye covered’ motif again in the recent posters for new standalone Star Wars movie ‘Rogue One’.

    A very disturbing fact for Star Wars fans oblivious to this predictive design by Disney again.

    You can see the plans for the death Star projected heavily on one eye of each character, whereas the other eye is darkened to heighten the ‘all-seeing-eye’ Illuminati motif.

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