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In the news: Will we see Red Tails in January?

Director Anthony Hemingway tweeted a few days ago that Red Tails, the George Lucas-produced film about World War II’s Tuskegee Airmen “hits screens January 2012.” Meanwhile, it seems that Lucas himself may be in Prague to oversee the film’s score.

3-D on the wane? The New York Times says the pricey format is fizzling, which could spell bad news for next year’s Phantom Menace rerelease. Scalzi is more optimistic; Maybe Star Wars can be part of the solution here.

Good news, bad news. People checks in with Carrie Fisher’s Jenny Craig-powered weight loss. Spoiler: It’s going well! The news is less good for Hayden Christensen… His lawsuit over USA Network’s Royal Pains was thrown out by a federal judge.

Whatever happened to… Those kids who got suspended for the lightsaber fight? They did get to walk at their graduation and even got to complete their ‘fight’ at a senior assembly.

Fannishly. An interview with the Mike Litzenberg and Bridge Stuart, the guys behind ‘George Lucas Strikes Back.’

Rumor mill: Hayden Christensen to attend opening of new Star Tours in Florida?

StarTours2Live.com is reporting that George Lucas (as previously rumored) and Hayden Christensen will be attending the grand opening of Star Tours 2.

I don’t think a Lucas appearance is all that far-fetched, but Christensen? I remain skeptical. Whatever the case, we’ll be finding out soon.

ETA: StarTours2Live.com is now saying that Christensen canceled.

Hayden Christensen sues USA Network over Royal Pains

Hayden Christensen and his brother are suing the USA Network over the comedic drama Royal Pains, saying that the channel ripped off the concept from a pitch they made in 2005.

I enjoy Royal Pains, but as someone who couldn’t even make it through a half hour of Jumper, I probably wouldn’t have tuned in if Hayden starred. (If that was even the plan.) I’m no lawyer, but seems that’s a point in the Christensen’s favor.

Star Wars in the news: Lawyers, marriage and lasers

The Star Wars kid is all grown up. Ghyslain Raza, who rose to unwilling internet fame as the subject of one of the internet’s first and most famous viral videos, hasn’t done too badly for himself. He’s pursuing a law degree (perhaps inspired by the lawsuit that he filed against the classmates who uploaded the infamous video?) and is the president of a conservation society in his hometown of Trois-Rivières.

Wedding bells. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart got hitched Tuesday! The pair made it legal in New Mexico, where Ford is shooting Cowboys and Aliens. New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, a friend of the couple, performed the wedding at the Governor’s Mansion in Santa Fe.

…And not so much. In less happy news, Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson, who also got engaged in 2009, are “taking a break.”

Don’t try this at home. No, seriously, don’t. A company in Hong Kong is selling a laser “home theater projector” that resembles a lightsaber and is strong enough to burn skin and cause “irreversable retinal damage.” It can be purchased online for a mere $200. What could go wrong?

Rumorsville: Christensen and Bilson engaged?

I love an ironic image choice. Don't you?People is reporting that Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen got engaged last weekend. The two have been an item since they worked together in Jumper, right: Bilson is probably best known for playing Summer on The O.C. (I’m confident you’re already familiar with Christensen.) Both Hayden lusters and Seth/Summer shippers can cling to one key fact: Their people are neither confirming nor denying.

Hayden Christensen explains it all

IMAGEHe talks Jumper, acting and the prequels in the latest issue of Details. The bit you’re going to see all over for the next few days:

“How those movies are made is very specific, as far as what our jobs are,” he says, with a bit of a shrug. “George isn’t looking for us to come in and have script meetings with him and talk about characters.”

…Of course Christensen is grateful to Star Wars. If he could go back and do it all over, he wouldn’t change a thing. Just don’t ask him to do it all again. “It wasn’t necessarily anything you could feel good about creatively, as far as ‘This is why I became an actor,’” he says of his work in Star Wars. He puffs on a cigarette. “It’s not why you become an actor, to do stuff like that.”

Star Wars isn’t about acting? Next you’ll be telling me it’s all about giant piles of toys and stuff blowing up. God, Hayden.