In the news: Will we see Red Tails in January?

Director Anthony Hemingway tweeted a few days ago that Red Tails, the George Lucas-produced film about World War II’s Tuskegee Airmen “hits screens January 2012.” Meanwhile, it seems that Lucas himself may be in Prague to oversee the film’s score.

3-D on the wane? The New York Times says the pricey format is fizzling, which could spell bad news for next year’s Phantom Menace rerelease. Scalzi is more optimistic; Maybe Star Wars can be part of the solution here.

Good news, bad news. People checks in with Carrie Fisher’s Jenny Craig-powered weight loss. Spoiler: It’s going well! The news is less good for Hayden Christensen… His lawsuit over USA Network’s Royal Pains was thrown out by a federal judge.

Whatever happened to… Those kids who got suspended for the lightsaber fight? They did get to walk at their graduation and even got to complete their ‘fight’ at a senior assembly.

Fannishly. An interview with the Mike Litzenberg and Bridge Stuart, the guys behind ‘George Lucas Strikes Back.’

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  1. regarding 3-D: NYT link requires password, but from Scalzi’s post, it sounds like fizzle is the word from it.

    it seems that far too many films convert to 3-D with no real addition in value. 3D doesn’t enhance the experience to any real degree. some of my friends who are avid moviegoers intentionally don’t pick 3D when they feel it won’t add anything – they picked Tron in 2D, etc.

    will SW save 3D? it will have to, because 3D isn’t showing signs of saving itself. maybe as Scalzi points out, the international market will buy it some time… but it needs to have the wow factor. if TPM doesn’t raise 3-D up to a new height, it will just continue the fizzle, and it may mean that the rest of SW in 3D may not happen…

  2. It shouldn’t require a password: That’s why I used the short version. Social media links don’t count towards the NYT’s story quota.

  3. I kinda hope that this signals a turn in 3D, one where only event movies — such as the SW or Titanic or Lion Kin re-releases — will warrant the treatment. Green Hornet? Not so much.

  4. I haven’t been that impressed by the 3D in any of this year’s movies and it really hasn’t contributed for better or worse in any of them. 3D remains what it was in the 1950’s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and all the years when PR types hyped the “3D comeback”: it’s a novelty item.
    Show me a good story before trying to wow me with effects. Hang on–have I heard that somewhere before??

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