Hayden Christensen sues USA Network over Royal Pains

Hayden Christensen and his brother are suing the USA Network over the comedic drama Royal Pains, saying that the channel ripped off the concept from a pitch they made in 2005.

I enjoy Royal Pains, but as someone who couldn’t even make it through a half hour of Jumper, I probably wouldn’t have tuned in if Hayden starred. (If that was even the plan.) I’m no lawyer, but seems that’s a point in the Christensen’s favor.

2 Replies to “Hayden Christensen sues USA Network over Royal Pains

  1. I love Royal Pains! And I somehow can’t imagine that it would have been nearly as good if Hayden and his brother had done it. The work I’ve seen from them so far has been sad and depressing.

    Still, if they pitched it and it got copied, they should be compensated.

    More power to ’em trying to manage court fees against this network.

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