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SDCC ’09 photo: From the con floor

Lucasfilm pavilion by jawajames @ Flickr / Used with permission

Our own JawaJames, a San Diego native, is posting Comic-Con pics on his Flickr. Above, the Lucasfilm pavilion!

Of course, Mary, Bonnie, Pablo and crew are also in town, taking and posting a ton of floor photos from the con. You guys feast on them (Preview night and set up, so far,) watch the StarWars.com blog and keep an eye on the usual fansites, and I’ll be back later today to gather more links.

Book highlights the work of Hasbro photographer

Insight is a collection of action figure photographs by Hasbro’s Gianni Lopergolo, who is living with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Hasbro is selling the collection – which features mainly photographs of their Star Wars, G.I. Joe, and Marvel lines, to help raises funds for his family and others suffering from the disease.

The fandom minute: Pre-battered Falcon, Jon Stewart’s geek out, Carbonite USB, green ladies

You know things are tough when… A gift for the geek that has everything – a battle-scarred Hasbro Millennium Falcon – amazingly got no bids on eBay. Well, maybe not that amazingly, but $300 doesn’t seem that bad a price considering it’ll run you only about half that brand new. (via)

  • TV: Jon Stewart is very excited about a Threepio bobblehead on Monday’s The Daily Show. I don’t have the heart to tell him that bobbleheads are kind of lame.

  • Fanmade: Finally, a Han in Carbonite USB drive! Alas, it was already sold out last week.
  • Lists: I think the green skin might have less to do with their popularity than the trend of not wearing very many clothes.

SDCC ’08: Star Wars day brings new Clone clip

A brand-new clip from The Clone Wars, The Battle of Christophsis, debuted (more or less) at the con and more importantly, is now online. Meanwhile, io9 has a video interview with Filoni.

And since Friday was Star Wars day, the official site has a transcript of the Lucasfilm panel (pretty much just The Clone Wars so far,) the making of Clone Wars, and Hasbro’s presentation.

Jetlagged LFL staffers invade San Deigo

Pity them or envy them, the StarWars.com crew are off for their second con in two weeks – and here’s their SDCC setup gallery. Also attending? Marco Andretti ‘s Clone Wars car. Rebelscum is pulling double duty as well, and they’ve already got several galleries from preview night up. EU fans will probably be most interested in Hasbro’s comic packs.

Meanwhile, Del Rey’s Suvudo blog has images and a a video tour of the con floor. (But what’s up with the elevator music?)

Video: 30% more Millennium Falcon from Hasbro

The folks over at ExtremeTech’s Gearlog got a sneak peek at some upcoming Star Wars toys, including the new Millennium Falcon, which is 30% bigger than the old ones. (They were using the same mold for 30 years before it broke!) Head on over to the link to see another video of The Clone Wars line.

The new Falcon will be officially unveiled at San Diego Comic Con next month.