Droid Factory line canceled: What will happen with the Jedi Mara figure?

There have been rumors swirling around the collecting site last week that the Droid Factory line was canceled… And now it’s been confirmed. Why is this relevant to us? Well, the Mara Jade Skywalker figure we were sorta/kinda excited for was part of that line, which means we won’t be seeing it this spring.

Hasbro’s release says that many of the Droid Factory figures will become part of a new line for the fall – hopefully the Mara figure will be among them.

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  1. I want her to have swooshy barbie hair instead of hard plastic hair.

    That way, I can put her in Jedi robes. Like a Jedi. Because she is one.

    Plus, if she had sleeves to put her blaster in (like she does in the books), she wouldn’t need that bulky holster.

    *cough.* Sorry. We’re not talking about the catsuit.

    I do hope Mara ends up in the new line, even with the hard plastic hair and the catsuit.

  2. I don’t think so, but I’m also not actually grounded in reality when it comes to toys. I’m one of those people who insists that toymakers should do things that cost a lot of money and sell them to me at the same price as things that do not cost a lot of money.

    Like real hair. Not Gonna Happen. But a girl can dream.

  3. I want a 12″ Mara but know that it’ll never happen, and if it did, it would be so far from what I would consider Mara to look like I’d think it was *insert random female character here*.

    Would love a new Mara sculpt, hope she does make it to the new line.

  4. Hasbro’s announcement is only about the line, not the actual figures. So this means the new figures won’t come with Build-a-droid parts and won’t be released on BAD cardbacks, but the lineup of actual figures should still be the same.

  5. Yes, that’s what they’re saying, but we still don’t know when/if the thing will come out now.

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