Celebration VI: Hasbro’s Jedi Mara Jade Skywalker figure has a new sculpt, same catsuit

Well, this is disappointing… Hasbro revealed their new Mara Jade Skywalker figure at Celebration VI – the Jedi one we voted for in hopes she’d be wearing something other than the catsuit. Well, as expected, the figure is wearing the catsuit anyway… And sporting the wrong lightsaber to boot, so there are certainly going to be some disappointed Mara fans out there. In any case, start looking for the figure in the spring.

Thanks to Phil of ASMZine for the heads-up – check out the figure, plus further thoughts and the possibility of another – under the cut.

On the plus side, it does look to be a far better sculpt than the last pass at the character, the 2007 Comic Pack version. And it’s not like it’ll be hard to get hold of the proper lightsaber – just buy the Ceremonial Luke figure!

In other Mara/Hasbro news, my Not-Bothan spies tell me that when asked about a Union Comic Pack at the panel Q&A, the Hasbro guys expressed definite interest in the idea. While I can’t say the idea of a Mara figure sporting the comic’s (boring, pink) wedding dress is all that appealing, Mara and Luke’s Jedi ceremony outfits would probably be a snap – and satisfy those of us hoping for an actual Jedi Mara figure. As long as they ignore Luke’s single glove. (Sigh.)

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  1. Well, in theory, yes. Distribution of the figures, based on what I’ve read online — well, the technical term is “sucks”.

  2. You might find him on the pegs at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s later this year. Some SW, GI Joe and Transformers figures that haven’t hit the normal store shelves in large supply (usually because retailers have glut of older product) have found their way to discount retailers, at lower prices, to boot.

  3. i don’t like the idea of catsuit that’s just me. i could have thought of a better outfit, i think anyway.

  4. I am glad she is getting another action figure that shows her as a Jedi this time! Will keep a look out!

  5. Oh yeah I forgot, what is the figure of her in a blue outfit holding a blaster? It appeared it came from Celebration VI.

  6. Sorry for bringing back an old post, but Toys R Us apparently has been receiving shipments of the Hoth Luke with the lightsaber that would be canon Mara Jade Skywalker , and other toy sites are reporting that the figure and others will reship in February 2013. So you’ve still got a chance to get the lightsaber that will help make this Mara Jade figure more accurate.

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