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Etsy Scavenger: Star Wars art & decoration edition

Like any good Jawa, I go into Etsy looking for posting material and I come out with far too much. So this time, instead of throwing a huge list at you folks, I’m splitting it up. First up, art.

Next set will be up Monday. Happy browsing!

It’s always Star Wars time with a spaceship clock

Star Wars spaceship clock by YOUgNeek @ etsy

I really like this Star Wars clock – it’s ultra geeky but also totally low-key – if this was an official product it would be black and the logo would be 500% bigger and I would wince every time I looked at it. Alas, it’s been blogged all over so YOUgNeek is probably swamped with orders. (And the logo is even optional! Swoon.) Be sure to check out the rest of her store, there’s some pretty neat stuff in there.

Star Wars Etsy finds: Indie goodies for geeks

Stormcheaters by Joshua Ellingson

Found on Etsy today: Stormcheaters, a limited edition print by Joshua Ellingson; A Chewbacca print; Or a Star Wars/Abbey Road mashup?

Famous mice on parade at The House Of Mouse

Yoda, Chewie, and Obi-Wan mice by TheHouseOfMouse@Etsy

I dare you to resist these Star Wars mice from Etsy’s The House Of Mouse. There are Yoda, Chewie, and Obi-Wan, of course, but also Luke, Anakin, Palpatine, Leia, Han, and even Indiana Jones. But that’s not all… There are plenty of familiar mouseterpations of other CJ favorites, including Harry Potter and a pirate. There’s a pretty huge selection, so there’s bound to be something for everyone… She even takes commissions!

Big thanks to Jadesfire55 for the link!

Star Wars Etsy finds: Indie goodies for geeks

IMAGE: Obi-Wan sock monkeys by Siansburys @ Etsy

The cream of the crop for this go-round are these two uber-impressive Obi-Wan sock monkeys – your choice of Padawan or mentor Ben – by Siansburys. (She also has a John McClane.)

The high holy days of capitalism

I’m in denial that the holiday decorations have been up for weeks and the 24/7 Christmas carols await us on Friday morning. So what better excuse to get your holiday shopping done now and online?

I’m not pulling Santa Maul out of his hibernation yet (one must never wake a hibernating Sith before Thanksgiving) but here are some quick gift suggestions for the geek in your life:

Verdant Excess Pendant by liquidsolution @ etsyHot list

Monday morning reading list