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Star Wars saga Blu-ray has made $84M – so far

Even the latest controvery over changes to the original trilogy couldn’t keep the Blu-rays down. Star Wars: The Complete Saga is Blu-ray’s biggest launch yet. The nine-disc set has made more than $84 million – 515,000 sets and $38 million in the U.S. and Canada, Variety reports.

Are sales of Blu-ray players and HDTVs seeing a notable increase, too? I’d lay even money on it.

UPDATe: Check out a great ad stunt for the Blu-rays in Tokyo.

The fandom minute: Star Wars religious icons, Disney & LFL, CV, McVader, spaceships

Imperial Saints by Patrick King When the stormies come marching in. io9 goes for the cheap and easy with a roundup of Star Wars fan art inspired by religious art. Half of it is photoshoppery and such that we’ve seen before, but the icons by Patrick King are pretty cool.

Theories. Some day George will want to buy a tropical island and sit around drinking mai tais all day, and then I’ll consider Disney buying Lucasfilm an actual possibility. For one thing, I don’t think the FCC would be too thrilled about it…

Facebook. There’s an unofficial Celebration V fan page you can join, if so inclined. Meanwhile, the latest tidbit on the con? You can win a free trip to it. Does that mean we’ll get a date before Halloween? We can but dream…

McAdvertising. Vader is shilling for McDonalds in Europe.

Lists. The Falcon and a couple of other Star Wars ships on Den of Geek’s top 75 spaceships.

Remembering The Phantom Menace madness

First up, nineteen pages of production notes, with lots of pictures and video clips from the belly of the beast. Then we have a look at the ‘One’ advertising campaign, and their ten favorite Phantom Menace posters. (I still say that teaser is one of the best posters for any of the movies.)

Over on Twitter, @starwars is soliciting fan memories.

Meanwhile, don’t forget our own TPM poll!

Toys “R” Us counts down for The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars is in the New York Times yet again, as they take a look at the the merchandising of the animated film. Digital clocks in all 585 Toys “R” Us stores will countdown to July 26, when 225 of them will host a midnight release. That old Happy Meal rumor is confirmed, and they also talk to Target and KB reps.

Because, as well know – it’s really all about the toys.