Ladies, this vampire thing has officially gone too far

You’ve got to see this to believe it, so I’ve thoughtfully placed an image under the cut. I can promise it’s not as disturbing as the felt womb.


Note I didn’t say exactly how less disturbing. You can get the snarky commentary at Copyranter.

7 Replies to “Ladies, this vampire thing has officially gone too far”

  1. OH MY GOD. That’s … that’s something right there.

    As it happens, I need to analyze a print ad for my copywriting class this week. I think we have a winner.

  2. The…wha?

    Congratulations. You found a vampire image too out there even for me.

  3. I’m not entirely sure I’m a girl. My first thought was “Are those mints? I don’t get it.” *stare*, *cock head*, *stare* ….” OH! I get it…ew.”

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