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Jackson to direct The Hobbit?

Has the cold day in hell arrived?

“Never say never,” hints New Line Cinema co-founder and co-chairman Robert Shaye about the possibility of Peter Jackson returning to direct The Hobbit.

“There’s nothing I can really talk about except to say that I believe ‘The Hobbit’ will be made,” says Shaye, choosing his words carefully like the lawyer that he is. “There’s a bunch of issues and elements that have to be addressed.”

Hmm… still not holding my breath.

Too bad I already used ‘Shocking!’ this week

Check out this Washington Post opinion piece from Lawrence Lessig on the legal ramifications of’s latest shiny toy. I don’t think anyone is really be surprised that LFL owns what’s created with Mashups – fandom has gone around this block before – remember when hosted those fansites?

The question is – are experienced vidders using this service? I doubt it – they already have access to superior software. I’d wager it’s like the blogs, most of the people who get into it are new to the concept entirely, and they’ll just end up being simply content with the system at hand, or evolve beyond it.

Movies: Remakes, superheroes and trailers

Forget the Potterdammrung: Footloose and Bill and Ted remakes? This can’t end well.




Harry Potter: OotP breaks Wednesday records

hp-ootp.jpgHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix made $12 million from Wednesday’s midnight openings, busting Return of the King’s previous record of $8 million. Who knows how much cash the weekend will bring… Also from Variety: Will book/movie synergy work for Potter? I don’t doubt it.

Order of the Phoenix

Deathly Hallows

Hot Leather Aliens

More articles from the recent SciFi Vancouver Media Tour include this small tidbit about the new aliens for Stargate Atlantis Season 4. The Pegasus Galaxy is going to be getting an advanced alien race called The Travelers. David Hewlett (Rodney McKay) describes them as “hot leather aliens.”

In other Stargate Atlantis news, the cover art for the Season 3 DVD has been released. (I’m not impressed.)