Rise of Skywalker hints from the Force Friday preview livestream

Today’s Force Friday preview livestream revealed a number of toys for The Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian, and Jedi Fallen Order – and they’re over here if that’s your poison – but we also got a handful of hints, including two new characters.

Zorii Bliss is piloting a Y-wing!

A green alien named Boolio was spotted on the LEGO Millennium Falcon. Friend of Lando’s? John Boyega wouldn’t break.

A tiny Doozereque alien named Babu Frik comes with the Threepio Black Series figure. He’s a “droid builder.” Does he have something to do with Threepio’s red eyes? Or his new wardrobe?

We also learned, via the press events, that Rose Tico is a Commander now!

You can watch the whole livestream – it’s only about 45 minutes – below:

Or just enjoy some stills:

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