No, graffiti did not make Mara Jade canon

I can’t believe I’m writing this post.

It is bathroom graffiti. Actual graffiti, not Imagineer-engineered and approved and applied graffiti. It is literal graffiti.

But let’s back up: A few days ago, someone on Reddit (our first sign) posted about something found written in a bathroom stall at Galaxy’s Edge….

No, I still can’t believe I’m typing this.

Anyway, it was Aurebesh, and it said, per the translator, “Mara Jade Lives.”

She does not, gentle reader. She is still Legends, and in Legends she is dead.

Reddit being Reddit, someone asked Matt Martin, of the Lucasfilm Story Group, and he was doubtful:

And then he confirmed it with the appropriate people: Fake.

I am only writing this because I know it will come up again, and guys? Let Mara be. She has been dead since 2007, and she has not been any form of canon since 2014 (officially, anyway.) It’s over. Please let it go. I’m so tired.