Prep for the return of the Resistance cartoon

When it was announced that Star Wars Resistance would end after only two seasons, fans were taken a bit bu surprise – but according to the higher ups, that was always the plan.

“We were using the movies as a guideline,” executive producer Brandon Auman explained. “We felt that Season 1 is like, you know, it all takes place on a planet then Season 2, it now takes place in space. And now it’s going to lead, boom, right into the last movie.”

Makes sense – it’s easy to forget that Resistance is only Lucasfilm Animation’s third show – and the first to deal primarily with movies that are still in production.

And so… How are we getting this thing to The Rise of Skywalker? Well obviously they’re not telling, but: Hints. Have at them.

Star Wars Resistance | S2E01 | ‘Into the Unknown’

While this isn’t a huge surprise, it is nice to have someone come out and say it: Orka and Flix are officially a couple. They’re not canon’s first gay couple – there have been a few in the novels – but they are the first to be on screen. Or least, confirmed to be. I think. (Kalluzeb fans, what say you?)

And finally, Athena Portillo, Justin Ridge and Brandon Auman talk about what’s ahead with Amy Ratcliffe for

The season begins Sunday with ‘Into the Unknown.’