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Your weekend rumor: Is Knights of the Old Republic in the mix for a spin-off movie?

Darth Malak, I guess.Somewhere on the scale between ‘Ugh, no’ (Boba Fett/Yoda) and ‘Well… okay?’ (Han Solo) there exists AICN reporting a possible Knights of the Old Republic spin-off movie. Somewhere a gamer is screeching like a little girl, but I just roll my eyes. Don’t get too excited, though – “literally a ton of activity going on regarding a whole bunch of ideas,” the report also says.

Apparently there are also rumors going around Bioware about Drew Karpyshyn being involved. I thought he was working on some fantasy novels (and a screenplay that will need to be shopped around, which doesn’t exactly scream ‘part of a major franchise’ to me.) Whatever, rumor mill.

UPDATE: Let the record show…

Fantasy Flight slips Mara Jade into Star Wars: The Card Game

tcg-mara-teaseLooking for some new Mara Jade artwork? Fantasy Flight Games slid a few image of Mara Jade into the base set of Star Wars: The Card Game, which came out in December. The game features artwork on all of the cards, ranging from concept art from Ralph McQuarrie to new artwork done for Fantasy Flight. While not directly named on any cards, Mara Jade makes her appearance as the Emperor’s Hand on two cards in the Sith deck sets for the Dark Side player.

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Fantasy Flight releases Star Wars: The Card Game

After more than a year of tweaking, Fantasy Flight Games has finally released Star Wars: The Card Game. First announced and demoed at Gencon 2011 as a cooperative game, it has apparently been revamped to be a competitive two-player game, where players use strategy to battle for galactic supremacy in the original trilogy era.

Unlike the previous constructed deck Star Wars card games (such as from Decipher, Wizards of the Coast, and WizKids) that were sold in packs, this game comes as a single box set, and from the box contents, it seems that there’s a lot of tokens for this Living Card Game.

But is it any good? Designer Nate French does have a good track record – three of his other Living Card Games are in the top 20 in the Customizable category on BoardGameGeek, while Fantasy Flight has a few other titles in the top twenty (including their Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game).

While the main set (retails for $40) may be coming out a little late for the holiday season, Fantasy Flight does have its eye on future expansion, with two Hoth-themed supplemental sets due in early 2013. Meanwhile, check out the rules of the game online or listen to a fan-produced podcast.

You can download Angry Birds Star Wars now

Remember when we thought this was going to be the big news for the rest of the year? We were so innocent then.

Angry Birds Star Wars is free (with ads) for Android phones, $0.99 for i0S devices, $2.99 for the iPad and Android tablets, and $4.99 for the Mac. (Another device? Try this.)

If you can’t spare a moment now, go check out what the game’s art director, Toni Kysenius, had to say about the game’s design on the official blog. There’s more art – both pro and fan – at their Tumblr.

UPDATE: And here’s one of the first reviews of that game that I’ve seen, from Kotaku’s Mike Fahey. Spoiler: He likes it.

Played it? Let us know what you think!

Are the Angry Birds taking on Star Wars?

Finally, a Star Wars game I will actually play! It seems like there have been fan versions of this almost as long as we’ve had Angry Birds themselves…

Anyway, your confirmation: Their just-launched Tumblr posted the above GIF today, along with the following text:

Times Square, New York, October 8th, 10am EST.

HINT: Head to Toys R Us at 8am EST!

Seeing as they have done film tie-ins and their latest game is space-themed, this isn’t unprecedented. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Fast Company has a few more details… For instance, Luke Skywalker will be replacing the game’s default Red Bird. Lucasfilm and Rovio will be releasing more tie ins – the article mentions toys, apparel, bedding and a Jenga-inspired board game – so don’t expect to get off easy, collectors. (via)