Your weekend rumor: Is Knights of the Old Republic in the mix for a spin-off movie?

Darth Malak, I guess.Somewhere on the scale between ‘Ugh, no’ (Boba Fett/Yoda) and ‘Well… okay?’ (Han Solo) there exists AICN reporting a possible Knights of the Old Republic spin-off movie. Somewhere a gamer is screeching like a little girl, but I just roll my eyes. Don’t get too excited, though – “literally a ton of activity going on regarding a whole bunch of ideas,” the report also says.

Apparently there are also rumors going around Bioware about Drew Karpyshyn being involved. I thought he was working on some fantasy novels (and a screenplay that will need to be shopped around, which doesn’t exactly scream ‘part of a major franchise’ to me.) Whatever, rumor mill.

UPDATE: Let the record show…

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  1. I’d love to see a KOTOR film especially with a female Revan but after reading the Revan book? The last thing I want is a KOTOR film with Karpyshyn involved. :|

  2. Couldn’t agree more: Sure, why not, but don’t under any circumstances include Karpyshyn in this. If you want a game person who actually knows about character development and interesting story concepts, bring in Chris Avellone. His second KotOR was mindblowingly amazing where the first one had merely been solid. And then make a movie about Kreia and the truly dark times of the galaxy and leave Revan be. His story is ruined anyway thanks to The Old Republic, whereas the Exile still offers a lot of potential.

    Alternatively turn to Tom Veitch and tell the story of Ulic Qel-Droma. Still the best epic drama outside the films, and with the designs of Christian Gossett this could be the visually most fantastic sight since that first space ship appeared over our heads in 1977.

  3. Chalk me up as another who really likes the idea of a KOTOR movie, but not from Karpyshyn. I’m not a gamer, either, though I know the plotlines of the first two KOTOR games, but I was really super-meh about Karpyshyn’s Darth Bane novels… I don’t know, maybe it was the super-dark tone more than anything, although what do I really expect when you’re writing about the lift of a Sith Lord. In contrast, I really like John Jackson Miller’s take on all things Old Republic.

  4. I’d love a KOTOR film, but I also suspect the story as told in the game would be too big for one film. And is there really a market for a KOTOR trilogy? (I’d love it, but how many other people are clamoring for it)

    Aaron, I love your idea about Tom Veitch. I don’t think I’d hire him to be a scriptwriter, but his Tales of the Jedi and Dark Empire were EPIC – unlike anything else we’ve seen from the EU since (with the exception of KOTOR).

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