You can’t win, Darth: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Feb. 11-17

@JR_Koban_2: If my last words aren't "And now I shall become more powerful than you could ever imagine" then I have failed as a nerd. #StarWars

Last week, the whole Han Solo thing boiled up again as it was reported that Harrison Ford is (probably) in negotiations for the sequels, Meg Cabot goes to Jedi Princess Training School and Lucasfilm is in need of a copy editor. All this and the usual nonsense below the cut.

Best #StarWars tweets for Feb. 11-17

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If my last words aren’t "And now I shall become more powerful than you could ever imagine" then I have failed as a nerd. #StarWarsJR Koban
I have a zillion fan fics about Princess Leia in "Jedi Princess Training School" that I wrote when I was 11. JEDI PRINCESS TRAINING SCHOOL!Meg Cabot
Wait. Han Solo is trending, but not in reference to the odds of surviving asteroids?d’enny
A phrase I never thought I’d hear: "If you consider the Star Wars holiday special canon…"Sam Polak
Uh oh. Lucasfilm needs to hunt the next great copy editor. “@JoinTheForce: Lucasfilm is on the hunt for the next great Jedi’s!”Chris Taylor
You can’t legally change your last name to "Skywalker" because it’s copyrighted to Lucasfilm, ILM, and Skywalker Sound hahaha no. :(Faith Isabel

Watching the films

Maybe all that black Anakin wears should have been a clue that he was a wrong ‘un.#StarWarsDaniel Burden
Padme and Anakin looking out across the city, from different locations, but somehow at each other.Now that actually works!#StarWarsDaniel Burden
Jabba used Rancor. Luke used rock. It’s super effective! #StarWarsCaz Beckett
I wish Yoda secretly talked normal & the backwards grammar was just psych bullshit to force Luke to pay closer attention to him. #StarWars.Derfpenscheid

#EpisodeVII and such

Lucasfilm sells for $4 billion. Pixar for $7.4B. Heinz sells for $23B. Take note kids: it might not be as pretty, but manufacturing pays.Matt Bunk
The Disney acquisition of lucasfilm has really added some authenticity to my leia/belle fan fiction.rpreece
The Harrison Ford rumors:
Harrison Ford deal? My source says not yet. "It will not be for weeks and perhaps months."Geoff Boucher
Yes, it’s true, I will be returning in #EpisodeVII as the captain of the Septuagenarian Falcon.Han Solo
70-year-old Harrison Ford is going to reprise the role of Han Solo; hopefully they have a decent early-bird special on Tatooine.
Leia: "I love you." Han: "WHAT?!" Leia: "I love you." Han: "I CAN’T HEAR YOU!" Leia "Scoundrel." Han: "YOU FOUND WHAT?!" #OldHanSoloEric Goldman
"It’s not the light years, honey, it’s the parsecs."- Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars Episode VII #I’vegotabadfeelingaboutthisAnton Strout
"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a diet rich in fiber." -Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars VII.Comedy Central
Herman Cain to play Han Solo in Glee, according to Twitter. I think.JD
I for one say that Harrison Ford is too old to play a character he originated and who would be the same age as he is.Dave Itzkoff
"OH NO HAN SOLO IS GONNA BE OLD" – folks who still wish Shatner and Nimoy and Kelley’s corpse were doing Trek moviesAndrew Otis Weiss
Question: how many dump trucks full of money did they have to send to Harrison Ford’s house before he agreed to do Star Wars VII?Cleolinda Jones
@cleolinda Don’t be ridiculous. Harrison Ford can’t be motivated by anything so base as money. It was high-grade weed.Smilin’ Pete Milan
Harrison Ford is trending. If this asteroid turns out to be worse than reported & we never find truth about Han Solo rumor I’ll be upset.Consetta Parker
Old Han Solo should be a total weird old baller growing grapes at zero-gravity winery he bought with Death Star-destruction reward credits.Adam Sternbergh

Expanded Universe

Mon Mothma finally reads Shadows of the Empire. "24 Bothans died? Ugh. The memo I read said 240. Now I look stupid." #SWEUPablo Hidalgo
Mara and Mirax: ready for trouble #sweu
Such a #StarWars nerd. Someone mentioned CSA and my first thought was Corporate Sector Authority.Mike Bentley
End of Scoundrels made me go… "Oh. Ohhhhh…. OH!" Perfect way to go into ESB. #SWEU #ScoundrelsShannon Hammerstrom

Star Wars life

Just gave my first Lucasfilm tour to a baby. Frankly he was more interested in his own feet than any of the movie props.Kristen Hidalgo
The other half wasn’t happy about having the imperial march from #starwars as her personal ringtone. #mustbeastartrekfan #loveyoureallyDan Clarke
Never tell your nerdy wife/girl friend that valentine’s day’s evening activities shall be referred to as "the trench Run" #starwarsDavid Voderberg
Jake: "If you could leave this millennium and go back to a different one, which would it be?"Me:"The Falcon."#ImSoDamnFunny #StarWarsEmily King
Done well as a father I have. Asked my 7 year old daughter what movie to watch she wanted. #StarWars she said.Joseph D. Foran
Cleared out my spam. Noticed that one of them was a huge rant defending George Lucas but with the spammy part hidden in middle. Clever!El Santo
People keep mistaking my lock screen as the moon … Doesn’t anybody know what the death star is :( #starwarsAlisha Jassal


Lucasfilm have today revealed that some of Jaba’s Gamorrean guards from The Return of the Jedi contained as much as 29% #horse DNA.Andy Tom
That was definitely a meteor passing by Russia and not the Death Star testing its laser. #RussianMeteorDarth Vader
One planet’s #RussianMeteor is another planet’s Alderaan debris. #StarWarsDarth Intern
Don’t celebrate too much about the Pope’s resignation! Haven’t you guys ever read the Expanded Universe novels? He has clones on Byss!MATHEMATICAL!
I wish Ben Kenobi were in line for the papacy because then I’d be like help me obi-wan you’re my only Pope and we’d laugh so hard then kiss.Mark Hoppus

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