Yes. We’re still alive

We’ve been having so much fun at JadeCon ’08 that we just haven’t even gone near the nifty computer provided to the suite by the hotel. (And an iPod. The Hyatt has gone high-tech.)

Games Night was a blast. As usual, the most simple game got the most participation. It was a cross between Pictionary and The Operator Game. Hard to explain, but tons of fun.

We’ve also been quite obsessed with the Olympics; watching the “pretty boys fall down.” Cheering for the countries we feel aren’t getting enough cheerleading support. Yelling on Michael Phelps. (Like he needs our help.) Mocking others.

Those who were capable of staying up late went to see Clone Wars at midnight at the mall across the street. I haven’t heard their reviews, as yet. Everyone in CJ knows I’m entirely incapable of staying up late, so no reviews from me!

Project Runway (Vinyl Version) has begun with the first challenge. Spotted so far is a zebra pattern pimp hat, a leopard skin tuxedo and other outfits that we can’t describe on this page because it’s PG. (Parental Guidance PG; not Her Wonderfulness PG.)

We’re also enjoying the presence of Rox’s working dog Willow who has been put to more work feeding the dog cravings of the CJ dog lovers. She is rarely without two people petting her and rubbing her belly. I hope Rox doesn’t actually need her, at some point.

We’re about to head out to the Sith Ascension Picnic. Games and the trials of the CJ padawans will commence.

We’ll catch up on the fandom happenings next week. Those CJers not with us, feel free to leave us messages here. We’ll pass them along.