The JadeCon ’08 Quotes — So Far

As is our tradition, Club Jade often comes up with silly profound quotes that are recorded for posterity. And also, as per tradition, we rarely explain the context but, rather, let them stand on their own:

  • I love this sport. What is it? – Luci re men’s synchronized diving
  • I’m famous in Germany, like David Hasselhoff – Caitlin
  • Let’s face it, they swim upstream but they don’t spawn – The Emperor, re Chinese athletes
  • Team USA! Let’s try sucking less! – Caitlin
  • They’re smiling at each other just a little too much – Helen
  • With enough arrows, you can convince the world these guys are straight – The Emperor
  • It was US versus Sweden in beach volleyball. We kicked their snowy white asses – Dunc recaps
  • I’ll be back. Don’t do anything interesting – Dunc
  • Not far. Stairs not far. – Caitlin
  • I’m sure if you Google “wax David Hasslehoff” you’ll find it. – Caitlin continues hassling the Hoff
  • Oh Johnny Weir, what would we do without you? – Liz
  • The world would be a less sparkly place – Caitlin
  • Johnny Weir is a vampire! – Four people at once
  • The alabaster skin, the sparkle, the fashion sense…it all makes sense! – Liz
  • Does anyone have an issues with butt crack on vinyl? – Diane randomly bursts out in the middle of the Emperor’s writing seminar

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  1. You missed one of the best ones, from Trina while playing the Telephone game: “An Ewok with a spear is two inches taller than Trina!”

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